Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Today's BATHROOM thought.....

I always wondered that why I get confusing and wondering thoughts while I'm showering.... ;)  Anyways again today during those 10 min. of shower my mind went through the 2 complex human beings that has been created and are living on earth.  'Man' and 'Woman'.... ;)  And then their relationships.  How men are and how women are ?  And how they are together ?  

So different but yet many times the thoughts, habits, likes and dislikes and so very similar.  I've learned that 2 opposites always attracts.  So than why a man and a woman look out to for someone similar to themselves... ? And than on the other side there are men and women who thought don't have anything in common, yet together they are like a house on fire... :)  So does the law of attraction really work between a man and a woman or its just a myth... ?  Never understood this.  There is this book I have, called 'Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus'.  I have read I guess just 10 pages of it, but in general you tend to agree that majority of men and women are just like as it is mentioned in the book.  But then on the other side I feel how can we generalize the whole thing bout men and women that is mentioned in this book.  After all, all men and all women they are not the same.

If it was like that, than to all the problems between a man and a woman there would have been a common solution. Might have been that a book with common solutions must have been published and every couple would find the solution to their problem in that book.  And than, all problems solved.... ;)  I think with time the definition of relationships has been changing or say evolving ?  And may be in future too it'll keep on changing.  Blessed are those couples who have met the right partner in their life and I guess the way to be together remains with them only.  As every relationship is different than the other.  Still if we go from country to country, region to region still many times counselors come across common problems.  So why this is all like this...?  Ahhhhhh so confusing.... ;)  So I guess one has to dig in more...

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