Monday, 3 September 2012

What a weekend with my CS guests ...

Well today is the 3rd day of my Couch Surfing guests at my place.  Its a couple. The guy, Alfonso is from Spain and is staying in Poland since last 10 years and is teaching Spanish.  His girl friend Agata, is Polish and works in an Architect firm in Warsaw.  They arrived early morning on Saturday from Jaisalmer.  The bus dropped them at I don't know some place which they thought was the railway station.  After having some rest and breakfast with me, they finally decided to come with me to the old city which is one of the main attraction for tourists to see in Ahmedabad.  

Well yes Ahmedabad is not a touristic place.  I thought they were heading South from Ahmedabad and came here for the transit.  But no, I was wrong. For Alfonso its his 3rd trip to India.  This time he wanted Agata to see this country which is completely so different from Europe.  As she rightly said, she found it so unorganized and chaotic from her routine life back home.  Chaotic ???? Of course, I would say its "Organized Chaos".... ;)

Before reaching Ahmedabad, both had been to a hospital in Rajasthan as Alfonso had got a small cut in the train which got infected and Agata had fainted coz of dehydration.  But as while one is traveling you don't want to miss to see the place that you are visiting, they agreed to come with me to the old city.  I dropped them at the parking and showed them the direction that they could walk and see the places.  For the evening we had decided to visit a friend's painting exhibition and then go for Shamiana short films with my friends.  

I reached home, in the evening and they got ready to come with me.  At around 18:30 hours we were there at the exhibition.  A pretty nice one with some really nice paintings by Jignesh.  We stayed there for a hour or so and I met few friends after a long time, which was pretty nice.  And finally decided to head for Shamiana. Meanwhile Alfonso got little sick and wanted to head back home.  He had actually had a lot for lunch in the old city and now his stomach was upset.  Well a pretty common problem with foreigners traveling in India and that too particularly in monsoon.  So I dropped them home and headed to Shamiana.  It was a nice evening watching some nice short films with friends and then dinner at Natrani cafe and then Chai at one of my favorite Kitli (Chai stall) 'Kukado'.  Can you believe you can actually check in at Kukado on facebook and foursquare.  Pretty famous... ;)  Finally came back home.

Sunday after a lazy morning as my guests woke up, we had a small chat and I decided to help them with their onward itinerary and they offered to help me with some photography tips as they both are photographers. While I was cooking Uppma for them, I came to know Alfonso's Macbook had been broken. One of his camera stopped working before.  The shampoo bottle in his back pack got spilled inside his back pack.  Both of them were not in their very best of health.  And my internet stopped working... ;).  Well I didn't know what to tell him.  Just wished inside that things get better for both of them and they have a wonderful trip and take back happy memories.    

And then after some confusing session of itinerary making, they narrowed down their next destinations in Gujarat and India.  Finally after lunch it was nice to get some basic tips about using a DSLR.  Even while explaining me about the camera, Alfonso was so like 'I am not going to touch your camera'. Poor guy was really going through a rough patch.  And then after a short nap, my friends called and we decided to meet up at 'Zen Cafe'.  And so, we all headed there at around 18:30 hours.  As usual it was fun.  Pulling Anup's leg is now becoming kind of a ritual... ;)  

A nice dinner at Radhanand and then while hanging out at C.G. Road, Agata started to feel weak and we had to come back.  48 hours of so much happenings.  I just hope they don't have much problems hence onward and finish their trip without anymore troubles.  

All the best - Alfonso and Agata... :)