Monday, 30 April 2012

A day with the LIONS.... ;)

First weekend of April 2012, first weekend of the new financial year and it was the first experience for me to see the King of the Jungle right in front of me.  It was an instantaneous decision to join my 2 friends along with 2 other friends to the trip of GIR the only home to the Asiatic Lions.  I so much wanted to go to the GIR with my orchid friends on the new year eve in 2010, but unfortunately had to fall out of it due to some social engagement that came up that year.... :(  I really wanted to be with them in that trip, but never mind.  I am happy I was on this trip this time.

A night journey in a local train to Veraval and an Ambassador drive from Veraval took us to GIR.  With the help of some guides we got a home stay which after an argument with the owners turned out to be quiet a cheap one.  We got the permit for the evening slot.  All were excited to enter the wild.  The guide that was with us was a very experienced one and he really gave us some valuable info about this magnanimous animal.  GIR is a deciduous forest, almost dry for 9 months and green only during the raining months.  Lions always are found in dry forest as their skin color blends well in the dry forest and it helps them to hide while hunting.  Lions also are very lazy.  In the hot summer that we have here, they just keep lying in the shade of a tree and come out only when they are hungry and are on the hunt.  The guide also told us that once the lion fills its stomach he needs at least 48 to 72 hours to digest its prey.  Now that's pretty long.... ;)

Our safari into the GIR forest was of almost 3 hours and anyhow we had to see one of the most magnanimous animal.  The guide was constantly in touch with the forest rangers who keep tracking the lions for the whole day. One such tracker informed our guide that one male lion is resting right in front of them and immediately the driver turned our jeep towards that location and in just few minutes we were right in 10 m distance of the first lion that we saw.  It was resting and we were there to disturb him.... ;)  Soon our cameras were out and we were clicking it, but we wanted the lion to pose for us.... ;)  So we just pressured  the tracker and he went like super close to the lion to disturb its sleep.  And soon we were looking in the eyes of the Lion.  Wow that was one awesome sight.  Some nice clicks and we started to move in search of some more.... ;)  Almost when our safari was to end we spotted one more young male lion.  The guide told us his name was Raju and we had to believe him.  Again just lying around resting in the bushes and the tracker guided us extremely close to it.  Wow that moment of watching this magnanimous creature was awesome.  How it is like you are just relaxing in the bushes and you see some other creatures taking your pics... ;)  Quickly than we left him to rest and we were on our way back.

While on the safari we had some moments too where our vehicle's type got flat and where we are not suppose to get down from the vehicle, now we had to and got our chance to click some pics of ourselves right in the middle of the very dry forest.  Was fun... :)  In the evening we got a chance to see a documentary on this beautiful creature explaining how their conservation started and how things are now for the King of the Jungle.  Some of the facts about the conservation of Lion's were just unbelievable.  The huge are of approx. 1420 sq. kms is the home of about 410 asiatic lions.  And for them now this huge area has become small.

The Lions have till date managed to survive and grow in numbers along with the local villagers called the Maldhari's.  Its so surprising that humans and lions have co-existed since decades in this area with few conflicts here and there between them.  How human being has learned to co-exist with this fierce some creature makes one think on how we learn to adapt and survive, and not just survive but live for generations.

The Maldhari's

The visit to GIR still wasn't that satisfying as we just saw 2 lions.  Some say summer is not the best time as the lions remain deep in the forest to escape the high temperatures.  So might be worthwhile to visit this place again in winter and try my luck... :)  After all a Leo loves to see the creature that is the symbol of its sun sign.... ;)  

Friday, 27 April 2012

The Rebel........

Today while chatting with a friend it suddenly struck us that we both are kind of rebels. Rebels in the society we live in.... ;)  Well sounds confusing ?  Of course it is to those who don't understand me.  Human being, since ancient times have been living in a society.  Society that has constantly evolved over a period of decades of centuries.  And in different parts of the world the evolution has been different and the pace with which it has evolved has also been different.  And during this changes few extremely strong and powerful and people were made the head of this society.  I suppose the rules to how this particular society shall live were decided either knowingly or unknowingly and the subsequent generations started to live with the same set of rules and follow the same set of ways of living their life.  

But I suppose in every region, every era and every society there must have been always some people who denied to follow the set of rules formulated by the society.  And they found their happiness and satisfaction in doing their own things and living a life the way they wanted.  In today's world too the society that we live in, expects us to follow the ways that has been followed by since decades.  I don't say they are not perfect or they are stupid or not acceptable.  But why expect everyone to follow it.... ?  They might provide the comfort and peace and stability.  But what if someone just doesn't care.... ? Or what if someone finds his / her peace and happiness in doing something or living in some other way which is not as per the standard set of ways formulated by the society he / she lives in.

Is it that difficult for the society to accept it ?  Our society after all comprises of us.  Our family, friends, relatives, business associates and colleagues, friends of friends, neighbors and of course strangers.... ;)  With today's world giving you so many wide options to live and pursue a life so very different, why not accept it.  Why judge people on their different or unique way of living life ?  Since I am born and brought up in Amdavad, is it that I have to live a life the way Amdavadi's live.... ?  Till someone is not hurting anyone or indulging into any sort of criminal activities, I strongly feel he / she should be accepted happily and allowed to live his / her life the way he / she wants to. After all a happy, peaceful and satisfied society can be made if the people living in it are happy and satisfied.  Till how far shall we keep judging our near and dear ones.  Instead why can't we accept them as they are.... ?  Why is it that we all have to be just similar.... ?  

Just like how the 4 stages of life system in Hindu society are mentioned which I don't think any one in today's world follows it, why today's society creates a rebel out of someone who doesn't want to follow today's set of rules and ways of living life.  I am sure with the coming time its gonna change but the sooner our society realizes it, the sooner people are gonna be happy and at peace with themselves.   

Monday, 23 April 2012

'Vicky Donor' - The Sperm Donor.... ;)

Today after many weeks I went to see a new bollywood movie with Shaily, Kanan and Palak.  Might be after a long long time that I didn't had to book the tickets.  Thanks to Shaily.  The movie was 'VICKY DONOR'.  I had read about the movie and knew it was all about sperm bank and sperm donation.  But had no idea how the story would be.  And for the good it turned out to be one hilarious movie with a very noble social message and a modern concept.  

It was such a fun how the doctor sees every man as a sperm and keeps calling them as either a greedy sperm or a confused sperm or a complicated sperm.  Many times walks in his office with a sperm toy in his hand.... ;)  And of course how in the end the sperm donor comes to know that with his sperm 53 kids were conceived.  OMG....53 kids and some of them were twins.  Kids born to Indian and foreign couples too.  And in return Vicky the sperm donor earned millions.... ;)  

For once I had a thought wow, what a nice profession, isn't it ?  You are helping all those couples who cannot have babies as the husband's sperms are no longer fertile enough.  And you earn money for each donation and gifts too... ;)  And rest you are free the whole day.  WOW... ;)  Also loved how the couples were shown wanting for the sperms from a particular type of male.   It was too hilarious, especially might be because of the Punjabi family shown and the way of talking how it is in Delhi.  And yeah one particular line that the hero tells to an old relative of his - I'm going to donate sperms, you wanna join me ? ..... ;)

The dialogues and the screenplay and the comic timing was just too good.  After a long time I've seen a really nice bollywood movie which I think is not a copy of some hollywood flick.  Thinking I might go to the cinema and watch it one more time.... ;)  'Vicky Donor' - The Sperm Donor ... ;)  So any guy out there wanna try out ?

Sunday, 22 April 2012

SATYENDRA DUBEY ....Killed for exposing corruption

Last Sunday while I woke up after a good afternoon nap in Hotel Arunoday, Navsari I was wondering what to do in this small town.  The only option available was to watch a movie in the cinema, but was too lazy to get out of the room.  So the only option was to watch the idiot box.... ;)  Ordered a chai to just get that kick and get fresh and then started to surf the television.  Since few weeks I've been following this very exciting series called 'Crime Patrol'.  Its about the criminal cases coming to record and in turn informs us to how to be aware in different situations one might come across.  This episodes are all based on true incidents that had happened somewhere in India.  And while surfing the TV  I just came across Crime Patrol and it had just started.  This time it was about the life of Satyendra Dubey.  

Thousands had sacrificed their lives for the freedom of India from the British Rule.  But after India became independent, slowly but steadily corruption spread its rule all over India and today we are ruled big time by corrupt politicians and bureaucrats.  This episode of Crime Patrol was about Satyendra Dubey's fight against corruption in India's first biggest road project - The Golden Quadrilateral.  In his fight against corruption he was assassinated.  The worst is that the conspirators of his killing are still free and our lethargic judicial system did nothing to bring them to justice.  

How many such honest government officers will be sacrificed in our so called free country ?  Those who really wanted to work for the country and for the people.  Here's the entire life of Satyendra Dubey in brief..... :)

Jai Hind....

Is there a limit to how much money can corrupt people's mind... ?

So finally I'm back from my work trip.  I've always wondered that why I'm surrounded by so many people belonging to the Jain community ?  Not that its bad, but it keeps me annoying that the religion whose ideology I've never ever understood, I actually interact with people belonging to this religion only.  Many important people in my life actually belong to the Jain religion.  And particularly my most important client's of South Gujarat, they all follow Jainism.  And so naturally every time I visit religious talks become part of our initial discussions.  And more so as the colleague with whom I travel, he too is a Jain.  And more importantly he is a very knowledgeable person when it comes to knowing different rituals of Jainism, knowing many monks and there whereabouts and also the in and outs of various religious trusts of Jainism in Ahmedabad.  

We were in the town of Navsari on the first day of our trip.  It was the day's last visit to one very shroud and selfish kind of client.  A millionaire who doesn't have the heart to let go of even a single penny... ;)  Never bothers to see that he is wearing, a shirt which has only 4 buttons out of 5 ?  His shop has 3 rooms.  The first front room where he sits and meets his vendors and clients.  The second and middle one and the third and last one all in one line.  Interestingly and annoyingly every time we visit he takes my colleague to the last room and always does some private talks... ;)  It is very annoying ;) This time he took us both to the last room to finish the accounts fast without any disturbance.  Then we came out to receive the payment.  Out of nowhere started a religious discussion about the functioning of various trusts in Jainism in Ahmedabad and Navsari.  And to my horror what I heard was just too disgusting. 

They were actually discussing how so many trustee's in this so called trusts in have cheated and stolen public's money which they had donated for one cause or the other. How money donated to the temple or to the trust in the name of God for some holy purpose was all stolen and used by the trustee's for their personal expenses.  Though majority of the donors use their black money  for such donations... ;)  No wonder as they say money earned in the wrong way always is spend in the wrong purpose.  At least that is what I've learned and experienced in my life.  In a country that besides being among the top in population, is also among the top in corruption.  Somehow it is now rooted so deep in our culture that to escape from it is one herculean task now. And small forms of corruption is actually now considered as tips.  Pay some bribe and get your thing done.  Right from the bottom till the top, take any system in our day to day life its for sure corrupted.

And then we all blame the politicians for huge scams that are coming up one after the other.  After all this politicians were born from us only.  Since childhood we've been seeing our near and dear one's bribing the traffic cop on the roads, or even we are given bribe as a child to do well in our studies.  Right from getting admission in school till our body is burnt, we bribe in one way or the other.  So after all when we blame and curse this big politicians for eating up the tax payers money, why don't we look at ourselves.  Everyone resorts to bribing in their own capacities.  More powerful the person, the more corrupt he gets.  Sometimes I wonder how much money one needs to live a comfortable or even luxurious life... ?  After all the money one accumulates by corruption can never stop us from dying. ;)  And doesn't this men have even a little bit of humanity to think and do something for the really needy people of this country... ?

We have one minister in the current central govt. who had an attach of paralysis and now has problem while speaking. He was slapped in public by one guy for his alleged role in the rising food inflation in this country. Prices of milk, sugar, veggies, pulses which are the most important for the mostly vegetarian population of this country have more than doubled in the last one year but the govt. does nothing.  Thanks to the opening of commodity exchange.  A very close colleague always keeps saying that if corruption gets even halved in this country, the things that are priced at Re. 1.00 can be available at 0.50 paise.  This is just one small example.  It seems today that in this great country with not so great population, corruption has got into our  culture.

So what to do now ?  I feel unless we all decide on ourselves to be honest and for once say NO to bribing things might change.  Pay the fines instead of bribes.  Once the new generation gets habituated to not to bribe, the people getting into government might not resort to corruption.  Or is it that our politics is such that even the non-corrupt gets corrupted ?  Well lots of doubts... But I guess its high time we start to fight the rule of corruption.  Its not going to change overnight or in a year or two.  Something that has gone deep in our daily life, might need few years or a decade to bring it down to extremely low levels.  This country needs another freedom fight from the rule of corruption.  

Thursday, 12 April 2012

You like someone, but that someone likes someone else.... ;)

Ever wondered how it feels if you like / love someone and that someone likes / loves someone else.... ?  Its just something many many of us might have gone through in our teens or may be after that and still now too... ;)  How many times has it happened to you ?  What did you feel when you came to know about this ?  Ever wondered if you are not the only person with whom such thing has happened ?  But surprisingly just like it takes two to tango, it takes two people who went through such an experience to pour their heart out on this.  

Few days back I was talking to a new found friend and out came this topic.  And she was like, 'oh its always like that'.  Well for some it surely is always like that.  To know that the person you like / love actually likes / loves someone else.  And the more you want tend to fight that feeling and get away from that person, the more difficult it becomes.  Yes but ultimately one has to or else it might lead to some messy problems.  So what if this leads to frustrated feelings and depressed mind ?  Can anyone possibly go through this horrible phase because the person you like / love actually likes / loves someone else  ?  

Thursday, 5 April 2012

From last weekend to this one.... Just a wonderful week... :)

It was 30th March 2012, friday.  Few days before I had received a couch request from Tanja Stompf from Germany.  She was traveling in India and had send me a couch request for 30th and 31st of March and I had accepted it.  She arrived in the noon at my place and I met her after I came back from office.  After few initial introductory talks, I took her to Vishala restaurant to let her know how good and delicious Gujarati food is... ;) That's actually one place where I always try to take my guests to.  And as everyone else she too loved the ambiance and the food at Vishala and loved the mint tea too.  Yes mint tea is just fantastic at Vishala.  And for me I simply enjoyed talking to her.  The variety of conversations and the spontaneous exchange of thoughts were awesome.  I was loving every bit of it and I guess she too loved it.  It was one instantaneous friendly connection.  A wonderful friday night and Saturday evening too in her company was just wonderful.  As she seemed to be a kind of foodie I took her to some famous road side eating places like Law Garden and I was glad she liked the food and place.  We kept on talking about each other and our likes and dislikes till mid night and we decided to cook on Sunday afternoon.  

Sunday afternoon I had to cook and she was going to help me.  So Rice and Dal it was which I find pretty easy and that's what I can cook best.... ;)  Tanja helped me and soon we were on the dining table and I hope she liked my food.  Though she told me she loved it but she might have been just too nice with me .... ;)  But it was fun.  A bollywood movie than and soon a wonderful Sunday came to an end with Tanja leaving for Udaipur.  A wonderful weekend with an awesome couch surfer.

The start of the week also was a perfect one.  From January to June, this 6 months are the most busiest for me and hence proper planning is so important to finish work on time.  It was great to seal off few important and big deals right at the start of the week and some how the co - ordination with vendors and customers all went perfectly right. Its so nice when things fall in place as you have desired and the same happened on Tuesday too.  As planned every bit of work planned for Tuesday got finished and that too before time.  But the heat, omg 42 deg. got on to me.... :(  Anyways it was good to know that the rest of the days I can just sit in my office and finish the paper work.

And then out of a sudden Wednesday evening once again at Vishala with some old and new friends.  Some great discussions and travels to GIR wild life sanctuary were finalized for the coming weekend.  Also Wednesday happened to me a very emotional kind of day.  There were so many apprehensions that were laid to rest.  Since last few months so much negativity had crept in which had made me restless and I was kind of getting suspicious for something which I shouldn't have.  But I'm so glad that finally I know that come what may my this negative thoughts will never come true.  :)  Felt so wonderful and relieved.  Its like I can have a clear view in front of me.  People whom I want to be close to my heart I can now be sure that they were and will remain close to me no matter what.  Its this positive feeling that made my week just too good.... :)  And I guess on this positive development hope the coming months and the year might just happen to be a great one.... :)

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

What if alcohol prohibition is lifted by the Government of Gujarat ?

For all those living in Gujarat and who love to drink alcohol, its so heart breaking that its sale is prohibited in Gujarat.  And to legally buy it from the liquor shop one needs to get a permit.  So frustrating when the summer is at its peak and you feel like gulping a chilled beer, but all you get is a cold drink or ice cream or cold water... ;)  Or go out and illegally buy it if you have the connections and the daring to do it.  People do that too, but deep down one always curses the government for keeping the sale of alcohol under prohibition.  Many people would always want to party or hangout with a drink or couple of them but they can't or have to find a safe heaven.  Somehow its just so much fun to party with alcohol, not that parties cannot happen without alcohol.  The entire country has free sale of alcohol, its only this western state with the longest coastline which is still under prohibition.  

Its a big political issue since decades which none of the two major parties, BJP and Congress who wants to deal with it.  I guess both of the parties fearing of loosing their vote banks if their government lifts this prohibition.  You ask people why Gujarat is the only state with alcohol prohibition and out comes various types of reasons.  Some logical and some illogical.  Like the one that says that, since Mahatma Gandhi was born in Gujarat, the government in his respect has prohibited the sale of alcohol to the general public.  But it has never been like that.  Its just how the common people of Gujarat have over the years and decades lived with this prohibition.  A huge section of the general public still wants to live with this prohibition thinking that it brings less troubles to people on the roads of Gujarat.  Less nuisance from the so called anti-social beings and less trouble of eve - teasing and drunk driving.  Majority of the women still don't want this prohibition to be lifted as they still very strongly think that it can be one of the biggest reason of eve teasing and the free movement of women at night on the road might become a thing of the past.

But than what if this prohibition on alcohol is abolished or say party abolished ?  Any thoughts ?  Gujarat having the longest coastline with some beautiful and serene beaches but still totally under developed.  Beach lovers from Gujarat have to travel to Diu, Goa or to southern states to chill out under the sun with some chilled beers. Its been long the government of Gujarat have been missing this opportunity to attract tourists from India and around the world and earn some big time revenue.  How much fun it would be for youngsters and beach lovers of cities like Ahmedabad, Baroda, Surat and Rajkot to maybe ride just 4 hours and spend a weekend relaxing at a beautiful beach, dine at the shacks and party with live bands every night right on the beach.... ;)  Beautiful beaches like the one at Mandvi, Okha, Chorwad, Dumas, Tithal and many more can be huge tourist attractions.

Also the local people can be the part of so much employment opportunities which will open up if beach tourism is developed.  But as it has been seen since so many decades that no investor wants to invest and develop any beach unless the prohibition has been lifted.  The only view they have is that tourists won't flock unless alcohol flows.... ;)  Shacks, small restaurants, beach huts, resorts, flea markets and what not might develop and it can really benefit the local people in terms of employment.  Also with so many youngsters in cities getting into so called rock bands and many amateur singers coming up, they can make some extra bucks by singing and performing at  this shacks and resorts.

But as always which ruling party would like to make the plunge and lift the prohibition ? Either of the parties are ever reluctant and scared of loosing their vote banks.  The ruling party since last 10 years, BJP had shown some signs that it might partially lift the prohibition.  But its for sure that the opposition Congress party would never ever support it and oppose it with full force.  Might make it a big issue and use it to bring down the government.  Its one big controversial issue which no party would like to touch provided the sensitivity of the whole thing.  So by the time the prohibition stays, illegal sale of alcohol will continue big time. Hundreds of bootleggers will keep thriving and earning 100 % illegal money.  State government will keep loosing huge amount in tax and tourism industry is going to suffer big time.  And party lovers many times will have to be sad for having a party without alcohol.... ;)

(Gujarat's outdated alcohol prohibition policy leaves negative impact)

(Prohibition policy in Gujarat)

Monday, 2 April 2012


A million women rose to their feet with the cry 'we will not be dictated to' and promptly became stenographers.

Between a woman's yes and no, there is no room for a pin to go.

Listen to the woman when she looks at you, but not when she talks to you.

There are two great moments in a woman's life : when she first finds herself to be in deeply love with her man and when she leaves him.

There is no limit to the power of a good woman.

Woman is a man's perfume and poison as well.

Woman's weapon : tear drops.

Woman are often better judges of character than men - so long as their affections are not involved.

Women in mischief are wiser than men.

The tongue of women is their sword, and they take care not to let it rust.

God took His softest clay in His purest colours, and made a fragile jewel, mysterious and caressing, the finger of woman ; then He fell asleep. The devil awoke, and at the end of that rosy finger put a nail !

A woman must never let a man get accustomed to her absence.

To a woman, motherhood is the highest fulfillment.

Woman and music should never be dated.

The greatest water power known to humanity is woman's tears.

When a lady says "no" she means "may be", When she says "may be" she means, "yes", if she says "yes", she is not a lady.

Women and elephants never forget.

Women smile in your face and picks your heart and pocket.

Women, wind and fortune are ever changing.

Well after putting up this post, I had a discussion with a very very good friend of mine and I thought I should say that this are not my thoughts.....I just had found it somewhere and put it here..... But I will surely confess that I tend to believe in some of this above lines and certainly not all of them.  But I think that many of this lines relate to old times.  As the time has changed, so as many things.  Also I'm quiet sure that this lines must have been penned by some man only, so why not anything like this have been penned for men ?  Or if yes, can anyone help me find them out .... ?