Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Mixed feelings......

Hot hot summer is here.  Still at least a month more.  Though I'm loaded with work, but still feel I'm having lots of free time.  I guess summer makes me lazy and all those things that I had planned to do in this summer months, when I don't have to travel for work, didn't happen.  Just because I got lazy. ;)  But this summer has been kind of mixed.  Full of mixed feelings.  

Few goodbye's, new people, better friendship with old contacts, meeting old friends after almost more than a decade, some of the sourness in friendship getting cleared, negativity making way for more positive thoughts, some old messy situations still stagnant and some exciting future plans in the making.  Wow when I go through each of this I feel how can my life be boring ?  

Many times I wonder, why not live life in the present ?  But somehow I kind of like to lie down lazy like a hippopotamus and get lost in my future dreams. ;)  Sounds funny. But yes I like.  Though I always try to cut down on day dreaming, but some thoughts are so good that I can't help getting lost in them... ;)  I've always many times felt that such dreams for me never lead to reality.  Reality comes always opposite to my such thoughts.  

Now I'm just waiting for this summer days to end.  Lots of new things may happen or may not.  But some are bound to happen and I'm very much looking forward to them. Lastly I must say it feels great to be honest.  Like Raju Rastogi says in 3 IDIOTS ;) .  It has certainly not been easy, but now that it is there I wanna keep it and enjoy.  

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