Sunday, 13 May 2012

Is it easy to embrace change ?

CHANGE, a scary word for some ?  May be.  But also for some its exciting.  As they say nothing remains same forever.  People change and also things around us.  Change as they say is inevitable.  In the last few years I've been getting hammered with the thoughts of having to face some big time changes if not drastic. And everything around me might change.  When you are living a pretty constant, comfortable and easy life, suddenly if something tends to change that, is it easy to accept it ?

The comforts and ease in life over the years, when gets boring and unacceptable, is it that simple to leave it and embrace changes which may or may not work ?  Its good to have some changes in life after living through a period of monotonous life.  Things that you want to change if happen, its pretty exciting and gives you that little bit extra push to keep carrying on.  But what if while trying to make that few changes may result in lots of things getting changed.  And above all the uncertainty of when this change may happen and how they will happen can really drain you out.

Its pretty amazing how some people just keep wanting to have changes in order to live life to the fullest.  The thrill that they find attached to changes is what makes them going in life.  And its also with pretty ease they just embrace it and keep going.  And at the other side there are people who just can't get along with the changes that keep coming in their lives.  They so very much love the comfort of a constant life and feel relaxed with it that even the thought of some changes might scare them.

But still changes are going to happen.  Like it or not.  And we will have to adapt it and move on with life.  At some point of time things have to and will change for the better.  When and how we just have to keep waiting. 

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