Sunday, 29 July 2012

Laziness is good sometimes... ;)

Its my first Sunday after a great holiday in Goa.  Last night after coming home after the Couchsurfing meeting, I just didn't wanted to sleep.  Was feeling sleepy, but didn't wanted to sleep.  I guess it'll take few days to come back to the routine of Ahmedabad from the routine of Goa that I got into while holidaying... ;)  

Finally managed to wake up on a lazy Sunday morning, read the newspaper, took my shower and was off to an inauguration invite to one of Ahmedabad's best photography and videography studio.  Lazy to cook, went to Subway for lunch and back home.  My whole afternoon and evening went in front of the TV.  Watched some movies and olympics.  The most interesting thing was on crime patrol.  How an Indian who strays into Pakistan and gets caught.  And how he is than released after spending many years in prison.  Heart moving but true also...

And then out of boredom felt like I had to eat something... ;)  And to my surprise had a wonderful chat with Weronika on FB.  Been a while that we had talked.  So it was really good.  Suddenly I thought of making paneer.  When I was at my host's place in Mumbai, I read a book on cooking wrote by some European girl who was volunteering @ Iskon temple.  The book was all about vegetarian food along with some statistics that why one should quit eating meat.  So finally after 30 min. paneer was ready to be set into a block.  Just waiting for tomorrow morning to know how it tastes.... ;)  

So overall a pretty lazy day.  My friends asked me to go with them to Mother Teressa's missionaries of charity for a small event, but I was just too lazy and still I am.  Watching women's archery at the Lord's right now.  Might be trying to sleep early today to get back into my routine.

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