Sunday, 1 July 2012

Money flowing out of a rivulet ?

Do miracles ever happen ?  Yes they do happen.  If not for all, at least for some they do happen.  Last week on some news channel it was shown that some small rivulet in Assam became a money producing mine.... ;)  Sounds absurd ?  Well its true.  Assam right now is flooded with rain waters but still people living around this small wetland were making merry.  This small rivulet was flooded with currency notes of 1000 Rs. and 500 Rs.  There were people diving in to find as many currency notes as they can.  People stopped by to see whether the notes were true or they were fake as some one might have thrown all his fake currencies to escape being caught by police.  But a spectator who said he was working in a bank and had enough expertise to differentiate between fake and real currency, confirmed that all the notes coming out of the rivulet were genuine.  

Ever saw a water body throwing out currency notes ?  Well for the people around the wetland it was nothing short of a miracle.  From where the money came, no one knew about it.  There were only speculations.  Might be that some rich guy must have got rid of his black money from the fear of being caught by the IT department ?  Or the floods might have brought a big pile of cash from some rich man's house... ;)  No one knows.  But people had a ball collecting the money from the wetland... ;)  For them I guess its nothing short of a miracle.  

This reminds me of another miracle or whatever one can call it.  It goes back some more than 15 years when this thing happened.  And it happened all over the country.  All the idols of Lord Ganesha were drinking milk.  Yes idols drinking milk offered to it ?  Yes its true.  I had myself along with my mother and sister offered bowls full of milk spoon after spoon and the milk didn't got spilled on the floor but the idol drank it.  People were running to the temples to offer milk to the idols of Lord Ganesh.  Though the one that I offered was of Lord Krishna... ;)  Read the whole story here ....

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