Saturday, 30 June 2012

Half of 2012 gets over with 'Hectic June' ... ;)

Today half of 2012 gets over.  Feels like so much has happened but yet its been so little.  The month of June passed in the wink of an eye.  But I'm glad it went off much better than expected.  My work travels were just great.  With the fears that the poor state of Indian economy would create a liquidity crunch, but the first quarter of 2012 - 2013 went fantastic.  And now the next 3 months I guess will be fun.  Travels, festivities, new responsibilities and much clear mind.  Only bad thing, that I'm gonna end the half with a lower back ache.  Don't know what caused it and I'm confused whether its a stiff back or something more serious.  I guess my horoscope comes true here that my whole life I'm gonna have back and stomach problems...  Hope this ones not very serious.

And from next month the new season of cricket will start too.... ;)  After a new found interest in soccer watching the Euro 2012, now its time to get back to watch and follow what I love the most in sports - Cricket.  With the T - 20 world cup coming up, its going to be a great feast to watch it.  So now looking forward to July - August - September.  Hope its going to be just great with the next month starting with a visit to the doc.... ;)

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