Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Finally my travels will start once again ... ;)

That's it.  I've had enough of sitting in my office and working my ass off in this summer months.  Its been already almost 3 months and I haven't been on my work travels and will be almost 7 months that I've take a break from work.  So finally I'll start with my work travels from tomorrow.

So it'll be Surat - Diamond city that I call it, from where my work travels will start. Looking forward to meet up with my childhood school buddy Mrinal and those egoistic customers whose ego's i'll have to pamper.  And yes over the last 7 - 8 years I've kind of mastered how to pamper your most important customer's ego... ;)  And believe me it always works.  If you are at fault or not but if you know what your customer's character and attitude is like, you can always get what you want out of him.  Like the saying we have in Gujarati, 'Gaal joine tamacho maray' - means 'See the cheek and accordingly slap'.... ;)  

And then Rajkot to follow and then the Southern part of Gujarat.  I hope the rains will start and set it.  As it'll be an enjoyable trip to south gujarat, being able to drive 1200 kms.  And hopefully will end the work travel with a trip to Kutch.  

Finally it'll be the time to take a moderate break from work and head to Mumbai and Goa.  Tickets are booked but I'm really glad that finally after 2 years of not being able to travel to Goa, this time I'll make it.  First time during the rainy season.  And as they say Goa is at its scenic best during monsoon.  No touristic crowds and peaceful beaches.  Only thing that I'm going to miss are the beach shacks.  

So the next 45 days I think gonna be great..... :)

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