Friday, 8 June 2012


What's Religion ?  You'll call me a dumb ass or a stupid person to have put this question ?  But no, after almost 34 years on this earth still today I have not been able to understand religion.  

  • Where did this thing come from ? 
  • Who started this different religions and why ?  
  • In the name of religion why human beings in this world are divided ?  
  • Do we follow our religion religiously ?
  • How important is religion to us ?
  • Is religion bigger than humans ?
So many questions but I have still today never been able to get a justifiable answer.  I live in a country which is the most diversified country in the world in terms of religion, language, culture, physical appearance, geography and so many other things.  All religion's as I've heard preaches its followers to live with love and peace.  Many say practicing one's religion leads to GOD.  But in today's world we forget to respect and co - exist with fellow humans and other creatures who are GOD's creations itself and still claim to be religious.

I guess to understand religion first one needs to believe in GOD.  Unless one has the faith in this supreme power one cannot understand or follow his own religion.  I have wondered many times that how human beings used to live when this thing called religion didn't exist.  And then some human being (as they say the messenger from GOD himself in the form of human) descended on earth from time to time and led people to believe in the principles that were the need of that period of time, which lead to the formation of one religion after another.  I might be wrong here as this are just my own thoughts.  But that's what I think right now.  So religions were formed and then I suppose as every religion had their own form of GOD, they might have wanted to build some buildings where believers and followers of that religion could come and pray.  So temples, churches, mosques, gurudwara's and others were built. How sad it is that millions live without a house and still thousands of religious buildings are built.  People donate millions to build such buildings where there name and family name is engraved, but very very few actually donate or try to provide shelter to homeless.  Is this what religion tells us to do ?

And I suppose the most recent religion that has come into existence is the BAHAI faith which built their own building, The Bahai house of worship - popularly known as The Lotus Temple.  When a new religion or faith was founded by some messenger of GOD, people who believed in its ideology started to follow it and spreading it.  History has witnessed, that many wars have been fought when the religious leaders of one religion / faith got aggressive and forcefully tried to spread their religion.  So a faith that was founded to bring peace and love and bring people together did just the opposite.

Since ancient years powerful and religious leaders have used religion to manipulate people's mind, brain wash them and use religion for their own selfish means.  And still today the same is happening.  So instead of giving importance and following GOD why we follow any particular religion ?  After all GOD never told humans that do this ritual or that one to please me.  Offer that sacrifice or donate this much money to make me happy or seek my blessings.  I suppose the messenger's of GOD that took birth on earth came with one mission and that was to remove human suffering's.  To teach us to co-exist and take care of each other.  To support the weak and spread love and peace everywhere around us.  So why in today's world people differentiate between GOD's creation and still call themselves religious ?  They go on preaching what is a SIN and what is a HOLY deed.  But with every religious leader the thoughts of sin and holy deeds change.

One more thing that hugely keeps me wondering is after one religion / faith was founded, someone from within went on to create a sub - faith in it.  The main religion largely remains same but they have their own followers.  Even lot of their rituals tend to differ.  So how to believe that religion is all about GOD and following the principles of a particular religion is considered as living a holy and pious life ?  It logically forces me to still believe that religion was created by we human.  For me after all, it comes to our own logical thinking.  When a person thought what is right for him, he started following it and believing that religion.

Also with time the definition of sins and holy deeds have changed.  Religion as of now seems to be that of convenience.  What we can follow easily we follow and things that are not convenient enough are just left out.  So as we humans have evolved and our life style has evolved over decades, it seems like ways of following one's religion has also evolved.  In such times if a person claims to be religious and preaches the principles of his religion how to believe in him ?

My knowledge of the principles of my religion itself is limited.  So its out of question that I might know even a little bit about other religions.  But still for me logically following the ideology of any religion is confusing.  For me its all about following the principles of humanity.  Though honestly its difficult to follow but I want to try my best to do what I can, with a hope that one day religion is not used to manipulate and it helps in the betterment of human beings.

P.S. :  Please feel free to put your views or suggestions.  I've just mentioned what I feel and think.  And I'm not an Atheist.  :)

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