Friday, 13 July 2012

Rains are back again this week.... :)

Last Sunday was so much fun.  Going to Sun Temple - Modhera and Ran Ki Vav (Step well) - Patan was just perfect to try out my new gun, Canon 550D. Huich, Nishit, Palak, Anup and myself had a great time posing for the camera and trying first hand at my new DSLR... After looking desperately for some rains to come, we were just left with few minutes of rain drops...:(  But a it was total fun on a humid day.  Reached home at around 18:30 hours, took a shower and lied down for some time but it actually became a 12 hours sleep... ;)  

But come Monday and the rains were back after a long spell.  Its so surprising that where most of the states in India are right now facing shortage of rains, Assam is under floods.  East India is facing floods while West is having scanty rainfall.  Its kind of funny but serious too.  How in the last few years the climate in the entire world has changed and that too drastically.  Anyways I had a good time enjoying the rains.  It was the first time that I got drenched in the rains this season.  Some how most of the times it rains either when you are leaving for work or you are coming back from work.  And its most of the time a heavy downpour.  Never have I been able to understood this particular timing of rains... ;)  

Again when my primary school friends decided to meet up for coffee at Crossword on Wednesday afternoon, it began to rain just like an hour before.  I was like no way, why the rains wanna spoil our meet up.  But luckily just at the right time rains stopped and the sun was peeping out from the clouds with still some drops coming down.  I call it the naked rain... ;)  Yes rains coming down when the sun is shining is called NAKED RAIN.  Other than that I love rains... Particularly on a Sunday or a holiday watching the rain from the balcony, sipping hot tea on the swing and going for a walk when it drizzles is like heaven... :)

A quick one day trip to Surat on Thursday and a sudden plan to watch the movie Gangs of Wasseypur, turned out extremely good... ;)  After a very long time a movie that was totally different.  Can't say whether it had a kind of story or not, but the flow was good and pretty fast too.  Reality of Dhanbaad and how the coal mines over there are operated is shown in a pretty good way. Made me recollect some parts of the book 'The White Tiger'...  But more interesting and funny was the Bihari dialect of Hindi used in the movie... ;) Simply loved it.

And today finally I found a host in Mumbai.  After sending requests to more than 15 couchsurfers in Mumbai and it being declined by almost 6 - 7 of them, I found my host.  She'll be my 3rd Indian host... Looking forward to it.  And right now watching the movie Border I guess for the 10th time... ?

Good night .... :)

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