Friday, 6 July 2012

My new toy arriving.... ;)

2 years back on my first Couchsurfing trip to the forest of Shoolpaneshwar, I was bitten by the photography bug.  In few months I had bought a new little big advanced digital camera.  Have used it on so many travel trips in India as well as Europe and I enjoyed it.  But since last six months I was itching to move ahead and get on to the DSLR ammunition ... ;)  Ha ha yeah I call it my gun.  Finally after my peak work period of this year got over in June, yesterday I ordered for my new Canon 550 D.  And I'm really excited that it's gonna arrive tomorrow.  

With a trip to the Sun Temple, Modhera under consideration with my friends, I think its going to be a great Sunday to use my new toy and get the feel of DSLR photography.... ;)  With this the moth of July has started great.  Its time to say good bye to the hot summer period, with some medium showers of rain cooling the weather.  More are expected in the days to come.  Lot of new things and new responsibilities at work coming up and its going to be more and more hard work.  Seems like my time on FB at work will be reduced... ;)  Will have to work more hard and spend I guess more time at office.  But as they say, the real fun of partying comes after putting in some really hard work.... ;)  

Its Friday today and on the Friday after the next one I'll be in Mumbai on my way to Goa.... I'm giving this treat to myself after some real hard work of last few months.  I'm very skeptical right now about openly saying about my trip to Goa.  As its been in the past, whenever I've announced a travel trip, it fails most of the time.  But this time I'm leaving that feeling behind and sharing my super excitement here.  Finally after 2 failed attempts of going to Goa in the last 2 years, again for the sixth time is coming fast.  Can't wait.  And this time its gonna be different.  Goa in monsoon.  My dear time, please fly away .... ;)

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