Sunday, 6 May 2012

A new theory - Suggestion from a friend

This Saturday I had to attend the couchsurfing meeting for which I had posted an event when the week began.  But by Saturday, I was too low on enthusiasm to go for it.  Don't know why.  While at the office  that evening I was having a chat with my friend Weronika and we were kind of talking on how we are going to spend the weekend.  I told her about the CS meeting and how I was not willing to attend it.

So on this she told me about her recent experiences that she had and she had concluded that "if you are not feeling like going to some place or doing something, than you should go for it.  Mostly something might turn out or happen and you'll have a great time."

So I took her word and decided that I'll give it a try and see whether this new theory of her's really works or not.  Last few CS meetings were really fun and attended by quite a few CS'ers and old CS friends too.  But this time I was kind of knowing that not many would attend it.  But still I had to go.  I reached there like 20 min. late and in total we were five CS'ers, out of which one came late.  He some how always prefers to arrive at least 45 min. late. The meeting turned out to be just a short one.  While at the meeting I got a call from my friend that couple of friends have gathered to hangout for some drinks and I was invited.  

This CS meeting was attended by a German CS'er who was working in Baroda and had come to Ahmedabad just to attend this CS meeting and explore some parts of Ahmedabad.  But his main purpose was the meeting.  While he was looking for a host, as he wanted to stay for one more day and had no one to host, I agreed to host him for one night.  And then he also joined me to my friend's place for some drinks and to hang out.  And than all the fun started...  

There were few old friends and some new people whom I met.  I spend some few hours there and had some fun jokes and nice conversations with friends.  In all Saturday night went great, much better than  I had expected.  And I text'd Weronika that her new theory worked, at least for this time..... ;)  I guess her belief in her new experience would grow strong with this.... ;)  For me I'm gonna still experiment with her theory more and see how good it works... ;) 

Till than Ciao..... ;)

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