Wednesday, 2 May 2012

ANGEL from up above.....

Starring into YOUR blue eyes, when we first met,
I knew then you were heaven sent. 

You had no idea that from the start,
Those tender feelings, I'd found in my heart.

One of a kind, 
Love that LASTS a lifetime 

Still, your smile, takes my breath away, 
Wanting, needing, to hold you, so much to say. 

Like the moon, stars and morning sunrise, 
so much beauty, so much grace. 

Together, forever, I long to be with you,
Can you see, YOU'RE very precious and sweet. 

The only one for me. 

Your gentle words, your tender touch, 
life meaning so much, 

Wrapped tightly in each others arms I wish to be. 
With you, I feel so free. 

A vow to you I take, forever, 
you'll have my love. 

All I ever dreamed of, an ANGEL from up above.

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