Monday, 7 May 2012

Sunday television was about Female Foeticide

This Sunday some how I managed to wake up early than I usually do.  After having breakfast with my German CS guest, I dropped him to the BRTS bus stop and came back home.  As usual was feeling Sunday lazy, so switched on the idiot box and also logged into Facebook.  The idiot box starts with SONY channel and a very interesting series on crimes, 'Crime Patrol' was running.  And the first news feed that I got on Facebook was of Ranjana's status saying 'Aamir khan desperately trying to be Oprah Winfry on National Television...'

I was kind of eagerly waiting to watch the first episode of this new series as from the promotional trailers it was quite obvious that the series will be taking on some social causes.  Before I switched the channel to Star Plus to watch Aamir Khan's new series 'Satyamev Jayate', I was keenly watching Crime Patrol's episode on female foeticide. This episode was based on the some Dr. Shastri and the crimes that he committed by using ultra sound on determining the sex of the foetus and in turn abortion of female foetus which is totally against law.

Even the first episode of Aamir Khan's show had focused on female foeticide.  I wasn't able to watch the entire episode, but saw the last few minutes of it and it was clear that the efforts made are really serious and its one more step in India, by the media to create social awareness towards hundred's of issues that are currently hindering India's social development.  

Soon there were few friends updating their FB status and it was mostly related to Aamir Khan's show.  And few internet sites too started putting up their reviews with lot of people expressing their views towards the show.  Since 1990 when the government started economic reforms to open up India's economy to the world this country has seen rapid economic development.  Though it is plagued by some bureaucratic bottlenecks and huge corruption scandals, but still one cannot deny the vast economic development that has happened in the last 2 decades.  But as one would expect that with better economy, the social scenario of a country should improve, that didn't happen in India.  The progress of social development didn't keep pace with the economic development.

The shallow and conservative mindset of we Indians has still not opened up.  People are still stuck up with age old stupid and shameful thoughts, belief's, rituals and acts. Its not that there haven't been any efforts made to change and better the social belief and social structure and mindset of people.  There have been laws enacted, NGO's working towards social betterment and media also doing their bit.  The progress is also there but not fast enough.  India's lethargic judicial system has been one of the major hurdles in bringing many social criminals to justice.  

With states like Haryana, Punjab, Rajasthan, Maharashtra and even parts of Gujarat where people still want to have a male child first, abortion of female foetus is widely prevalent.  Forget the rural people, even well educated rich families in urban India too have this pathetic mindset where the daughter - in - law is forced to abort the female foetus against her wish.  Efforts have been made to make people educate and try to change their thoughts and laws are made to punish the doctors who resort to sex determination of foetus and abortion of female foetus.  But I suppose in a country where idiot box rules the night time in majority of families, this new effort by the media group and Aamir Khan is surely commendable.  

No matter how much money they'll make but their efforts will surely create social awareness across the country and I'm quite hopeful that it will bring results.  But than it hurts to see we Indians criticizing him for making money.  We compare the show to Oprah Winfrey's show and he trying to be the Oprah Winfrey of Indian television. Come on guys give me a break.  Why this fuss ?  Why we are always trying to pull down someone who goes on to do something good for the society ?  We the people of this country for decades have remained just spectators towards so many social issues. We keep on babbling about things but never did we stood up and did something for such social issues.  So why not for once stop criticizing and support not just Aamir Khan but all those who are standing up to fight the social issues of India.  Why not ignore the fact that this guys might earn some bucks and try to see that their efforts with our support might bring the much needed social development in the country and change people's mindset for once and for all.  

Update : After effects of this show.

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