Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Gym, Swimming or both.... ;)

After almost 6 months of laziness and gaining back those few kilos out of those that I had lost, I started my workouts at Vala's.  But soon a friend gave me the info of a club where I can join and start swimming once again.  The fees were pretty OK.  And I would have my friend's company too.  But the only problem was the timing.  The only option I have is the evening batch.  So once I leave my office at around 19:15 hours I have to go home and rush straight to the pool.  Office to home takes 25 min. and from home to the pool would take like another 20 min.  And a margin of another 15 min. will take the time to 20:15.  Which will leave just 45 min. exactly.  

And then come back and cook and eat.  So once I leave office no breather for at least 2 hours.  And with a lazy bum that I have I'm still undecided whether to join or not.  Still working out at the gym. but wanna swim too.  My friend's being really pushing me to join it.  So lets see will I pretty soon will be able to kick my laziness away or not.... ;)

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