Thursday, 12 April 2012

You like someone, but that someone likes someone else.... ;)

Ever wondered how it feels if you like / love someone and that someone likes / loves someone else.... ?  Its just something many many of us might have gone through in our teens or may be after that and still now too... ;)  How many times has it happened to you ?  What did you feel when you came to know about this ?  Ever wondered if you are not the only person with whom such thing has happened ?  But surprisingly just like it takes two to tango, it takes two people who went through such an experience to pour their heart out on this.  

Few days back I was talking to a new found friend and out came this topic.  And she was like, 'oh its always like that'.  Well for some it surely is always like that.  To know that the person you like / love actually likes / loves someone else.  And the more you want tend to fight that feeling and get away from that person, the more difficult it becomes.  Yes but ultimately one has to or else it might lead to some messy problems.  So what if this leads to frustrated feelings and depressed mind ?  Can anyone possibly go through this horrible phase because the person you like / love actually likes / loves someone else  ?  

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