Monday, 23 April 2012

'Vicky Donor' - The Sperm Donor.... ;)

Today after many weeks I went to see a new bollywood movie with Shaily, Kanan and Palak.  Might be after a long long time that I didn't had to book the tickets.  Thanks to Shaily.  The movie was 'VICKY DONOR'.  I had read about the movie and knew it was all about sperm bank and sperm donation.  But had no idea how the story would be.  And for the good it turned out to be one hilarious movie with a very noble social message and a modern concept.  

It was such a fun how the doctor sees every man as a sperm and keeps calling them as either a greedy sperm or a confused sperm or a complicated sperm.  Many times walks in his office with a sperm toy in his hand.... ;)  And of course how in the end the sperm donor comes to know that with his sperm 53 kids were conceived.  OMG....53 kids and some of them were twins.  Kids born to Indian and foreign couples too.  And in return Vicky the sperm donor earned millions.... ;)  

For once I had a thought wow, what a nice profession, isn't it ?  You are helping all those couples who cannot have babies as the husband's sperms are no longer fertile enough.  And you earn money for each donation and gifts too... ;)  And rest you are free the whole day.  WOW... ;)  Also loved how the couples were shown wanting for the sperms from a particular type of male.   It was too hilarious, especially might be because of the Punjabi family shown and the way of talking how it is in Delhi.  And yeah one particular line that the hero tells to an old relative of his - I'm going to donate sperms, you wanna join me ? ..... ;)

The dialogues and the screenplay and the comic timing was just too good.  After a long time I've seen a really nice bollywood movie which I think is not a copy of some hollywood flick.  Thinking I might go to the cinema and watch it one more time.... ;)  'Vicky Donor' - The Sperm Donor ... ;)  So any guy out there wanna try out ?

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