Sunday, 22 April 2012

SATYENDRA DUBEY ....Killed for exposing corruption

Last Sunday while I woke up after a good afternoon nap in Hotel Arunoday, Navsari I was wondering what to do in this small town.  The only option available was to watch a movie in the cinema, but was too lazy to get out of the room.  So the only option was to watch the idiot box.... ;)  Ordered a chai to just get that kick and get fresh and then started to surf the television.  Since few weeks I've been following this very exciting series called 'Crime Patrol'.  Its about the criminal cases coming to record and in turn informs us to how to be aware in different situations one might come across.  This episodes are all based on true incidents that had happened somewhere in India.  And while surfing the TV  I just came across Crime Patrol and it had just started.  This time it was about the life of Satyendra Dubey.  

Thousands had sacrificed their lives for the freedom of India from the British Rule.  But after India became independent, slowly but steadily corruption spread its rule all over India and today we are ruled big time by corrupt politicians and bureaucrats.  This episode of Crime Patrol was about Satyendra Dubey's fight against corruption in India's first biggest road project - The Golden Quadrilateral.  In his fight against corruption he was assassinated.  The worst is that the conspirators of his killing are still free and our lethargic judicial system did nothing to bring them to justice.  

How many such honest government officers will be sacrificed in our so called free country ?  Those who really wanted to work for the country and for the people.  Here's the entire life of Satyendra Dubey in brief..... :)

Jai Hind....

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