Friday, 27 April 2012

The Rebel........

Today while chatting with a friend it suddenly struck us that we both are kind of rebels. Rebels in the society we live in.... ;)  Well sounds confusing ?  Of course it is to those who don't understand me.  Human being, since ancient times have been living in a society.  Society that has constantly evolved over a period of decades of centuries.  And in different parts of the world the evolution has been different and the pace with which it has evolved has also been different.  And during this changes few extremely strong and powerful and people were made the head of this society.  I suppose the rules to how this particular society shall live were decided either knowingly or unknowingly and the subsequent generations started to live with the same set of rules and follow the same set of ways of living their life.  

But I suppose in every region, every era and every society there must have been always some people who denied to follow the set of rules formulated by the society.  And they found their happiness and satisfaction in doing their own things and living a life the way they wanted.  In today's world too the society that we live in, expects us to follow the ways that has been followed by since decades.  I don't say they are not perfect or they are stupid or not acceptable.  But why expect everyone to follow it.... ?  They might provide the comfort and peace and stability.  But what if someone just doesn't care.... ? Or what if someone finds his / her peace and happiness in doing something or living in some other way which is not as per the standard set of ways formulated by the society he / she lives in.

Is it that difficult for the society to accept it ?  Our society after all comprises of us.  Our family, friends, relatives, business associates and colleagues, friends of friends, neighbors and of course strangers.... ;)  With today's world giving you so many wide options to live and pursue a life so very different, why not accept it.  Why judge people on their different or unique way of living life ?  Since I am born and brought up in Amdavad, is it that I have to live a life the way Amdavadi's live.... ?  Till someone is not hurting anyone or indulging into any sort of criminal activities, I strongly feel he / she should be accepted happily and allowed to live his / her life the way he / she wants to. After all a happy, peaceful and satisfied society can be made if the people living in it are happy and satisfied.  Till how far shall we keep judging our near and dear ones.  Instead why can't we accept them as they are.... ?  Why is it that we all have to be just similar.... ?  

Just like how the 4 stages of life system in Hindu society are mentioned which I don't think any one in today's world follows it, why today's society creates a rebel out of someone who doesn't want to follow today's set of rules and ways of living life.  I am sure with the coming time its gonna change but the sooner our society realizes it, the sooner people are gonna be happy and at peace with themselves.   

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  1. Have had the same thoughts! But I've also had the feeling that I may be should be living an other kind of society. As it is we are born into our sociery, and around the world there are sooo many different kind of societies. So, who says that the one I grow up in is the best for me and my way of living?!:) People have some times nooo trouble of exepting things, but sometimes there comes a rebel and questioning things. Just for the good I would say;)
    And one thing I´ve alos been thinking of when it comes to the question "why?" It's okey with the answer "because!":)