Monday, 2 April 2012


A million women rose to their feet with the cry 'we will not be dictated to' and promptly became stenographers.

Between a woman's yes and no, there is no room for a pin to go.

Listen to the woman when she looks at you, but not when she talks to you.

There are two great moments in a woman's life : when she first finds herself to be in deeply love with her man and when she leaves him.

There is no limit to the power of a good woman.

Woman is a man's perfume and poison as well.

Woman's weapon : tear drops.

Woman are often better judges of character than men - so long as their affections are not involved.

Women in mischief are wiser than men.

The tongue of women is their sword, and they take care not to let it rust.

God took His softest clay in His purest colours, and made a fragile jewel, mysterious and caressing, the finger of woman ; then He fell asleep. The devil awoke, and at the end of that rosy finger put a nail !

A woman must never let a man get accustomed to her absence.

To a woman, motherhood is the highest fulfillment.

Woman and music should never be dated.

The greatest water power known to humanity is woman's tears.

When a lady says "no" she means "may be", When she says "may be" she means, "yes", if she says "yes", she is not a lady.

Women and elephants never forget.

Women smile in your face and picks your heart and pocket.

Women, wind and fortune are ever changing.

Well after putting up this post, I had a discussion with a very very good friend of mine and I thought I should say that this are not my thoughts.....I just had found it somewhere and put it here..... But I will surely confess that I tend to believe in some of this above lines and certainly not all of them.  But I think that many of this lines relate to old times.  As the time has changed, so as many things.  Also I'm quiet sure that this lines must have been penned by some man only, so why not anything like this have been penned for men ?  Or if yes, can anyone help me find them out .... ?

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