Thursday, 5 April 2012

From last weekend to this one.... Just a wonderful week... :)

It was 30th March 2012, friday.  Few days before I had received a couch request from Tanja Stompf from Germany.  She was traveling in India and had send me a couch request for 30th and 31st of March and I had accepted it.  She arrived in the noon at my place and I met her after I came back from office.  After few initial introductory talks, I took her to Vishala restaurant to let her know how good and delicious Gujarati food is... ;) That's actually one place where I always try to take my guests to.  And as everyone else she too loved the ambiance and the food at Vishala and loved the mint tea too.  Yes mint tea is just fantastic at Vishala.  And for me I simply enjoyed talking to her.  The variety of conversations and the spontaneous exchange of thoughts were awesome.  I was loving every bit of it and I guess she too loved it.  It was one instantaneous friendly connection.  A wonderful friday night and Saturday evening too in her company was just wonderful.  As she seemed to be a kind of foodie I took her to some famous road side eating places like Law Garden and I was glad she liked the food and place.  We kept on talking about each other and our likes and dislikes till mid night and we decided to cook on Sunday afternoon.  

Sunday afternoon I had to cook and she was going to help me.  So Rice and Dal it was which I find pretty easy and that's what I can cook best.... ;)  Tanja helped me and soon we were on the dining table and I hope she liked my food.  Though she told me she loved it but she might have been just too nice with me .... ;)  But it was fun.  A bollywood movie than and soon a wonderful Sunday came to an end with Tanja leaving for Udaipur.  A wonderful weekend with an awesome couch surfer.

The start of the week also was a perfect one.  From January to June, this 6 months are the most busiest for me and hence proper planning is so important to finish work on time.  It was great to seal off few important and big deals right at the start of the week and some how the co - ordination with vendors and customers all went perfectly right. Its so nice when things fall in place as you have desired and the same happened on Tuesday too.  As planned every bit of work planned for Tuesday got finished and that too before time.  But the heat, omg 42 deg. got on to me.... :(  Anyways it was good to know that the rest of the days I can just sit in my office and finish the paper work.

And then out of a sudden Wednesday evening once again at Vishala with some old and new friends.  Some great discussions and travels to GIR wild life sanctuary were finalized for the coming weekend.  Also Wednesday happened to me a very emotional kind of day.  There were so many apprehensions that were laid to rest.  Since last few months so much negativity had crept in which had made me restless and I was kind of getting suspicious for something which I shouldn't have.  But I'm so glad that finally I know that come what may my this negative thoughts will never come true.  :)  Felt so wonderful and relieved.  Its like I can have a clear view in front of me.  People whom I want to be close to my heart I can now be sure that they were and will remain close to me no matter what.  Its this positive feeling that made my week just too good.... :)  And I guess on this positive development hope the coming months and the year might just happen to be a great one.... :)

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