Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Honest perversion......;)

Today was a fun evening....Trevor, Palak, Me and Lilian, a couch-surfer from Austria had gone to have have dinner at Vishala.  Vishala is one of my favorite place to have a delicious gujarati dinner and have a relaxed and laid back evening with friends.  Perfect place to sit and chat and eat.  Lilian was being hosted by Trevor.  Palak and me already know Trevor, what sort of a man he is and he is at his best when his talks start to get into double meaning.  Yes that's right, when his talks start to get little bit pervert.  

We have met so many times at the CS meets and now are more like friends.  When you are in the company of Trevor one thing is for sure that he cannot stop himself from getting into perverted talks.... ;)  Today it was the turn of Lilian who was at the receiving end of Trevor's perverted talks.  There have been so many guys and yes sometimes girls too who have been the victim of Trevor's perverted talks and their legs have been pulled relentlessly...  But its all fun.  Not just fun but tremendous fun.  I wonder how it would be if the same talks were said by someone else who had some malicious intentions in his mind.  Its just so fascinating and thought giving that how some conversations are not at all felt offensive by the way someone converses or by the intentions that are vibrated by someone conversing on these topics.  In fact they can be so lively and humorous that it can make even a dead man laugh.  

After all talks on sexual topics are always interesting.  Can be serious, can be extremely funny, sometimes disgusting, sometimes foolish but they are most of the times interesting.  Today evening they were extremely funny.  And hats of to Lilian for bearing them.  She got teased every second moment by Trevor's honest perversion.  Its these honesty which when gets vibrated across can make the other person though shy comfortable in bearing and laughing at such perverted talks.  Its not everyone's genre to make such talks funny. But yes Trevor is one such person who can anytime and anyplace instantly switch modes and get into what I would say honest perversion....

Thanks to him and Lilian for taking his honest perversion very sportingly and making the evening a very very lively and funny one.  Thoroughly enjoyed it.... :)  Trevor keep it going man..... ;)

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