Tuesday, 3 April 2012

What if alcohol prohibition is lifted by the Government of Gujarat ?

For all those living in Gujarat and who love to drink alcohol, its so heart breaking that its sale is prohibited in Gujarat.  And to legally buy it from the liquor shop one needs to get a permit.  So frustrating when the summer is at its peak and you feel like gulping a chilled beer, but all you get is a cold drink or ice cream or cold water... ;)  Or go out and illegally buy it if you have the connections and the daring to do it.  People do that too, but deep down one always curses the government for keeping the sale of alcohol under prohibition.  Many people would always want to party or hangout with a drink or couple of them but they can't or have to find a safe heaven.  Somehow its just so much fun to party with alcohol, not that parties cannot happen without alcohol.  The entire country has free sale of alcohol, its only this western state with the longest coastline which is still under prohibition.  

Its a big political issue since decades which none of the two major parties, BJP and Congress who wants to deal with it.  I guess both of the parties fearing of loosing their vote banks if their government lifts this prohibition.  You ask people why Gujarat is the only state with alcohol prohibition and out comes various types of reasons.  Some logical and some illogical.  Like the one that says that, since Mahatma Gandhi was born in Gujarat, the government in his respect has prohibited the sale of alcohol to the general public.  But it has never been like that.  Its just how the common people of Gujarat have over the years and decades lived with this prohibition.  A huge section of the general public still wants to live with this prohibition thinking that it brings less troubles to people on the roads of Gujarat.  Less nuisance from the so called anti-social beings and less trouble of eve - teasing and drunk driving.  Majority of the women still don't want this prohibition to be lifted as they still very strongly think that it can be one of the biggest reason of eve teasing and the free movement of women at night on the road might become a thing of the past.

But than what if this prohibition on alcohol is abolished or say party abolished ?  Any thoughts ?  Gujarat having the longest coastline with some beautiful and serene beaches but still totally under developed.  Beach lovers from Gujarat have to travel to Diu, Goa or to southern states to chill out under the sun with some chilled beers. Its been long the government of Gujarat have been missing this opportunity to attract tourists from India and around the world and earn some big time revenue.  How much fun it would be for youngsters and beach lovers of cities like Ahmedabad, Baroda, Surat and Rajkot to maybe ride just 4 hours and spend a weekend relaxing at a beautiful beach, dine at the shacks and party with live bands every night right on the beach.... ;)  Beautiful beaches like the one at Mandvi, Okha, Chorwad, Dumas, Tithal and many more can be huge tourist attractions.

Also the local people can be the part of so much employment opportunities which will open up if beach tourism is developed.  But as it has been seen since so many decades that no investor wants to invest and develop any beach unless the prohibition has been lifted.  The only view they have is that tourists won't flock unless alcohol flows.... ;)  Shacks, small restaurants, beach huts, resorts, flea markets and what not might develop and it can really benefit the local people in terms of employment.  Also with so many youngsters in cities getting into so called rock bands and many amateur singers coming up, they can make some extra bucks by singing and performing at  this shacks and resorts.

But as always which ruling party would like to make the plunge and lift the prohibition ? Either of the parties are ever reluctant and scared of loosing their vote banks.  The ruling party since last 10 years, BJP had shown some signs that it might partially lift the prohibition.  But its for sure that the opposition Congress party would never ever support it and oppose it with full force.  Might make it a big issue and use it to bring down the government.  Its one big controversial issue which no party would like to touch provided the sensitivity of the whole thing.  So by the time the prohibition stays, illegal sale of alcohol will continue big time. Hundreds of bootleggers will keep thriving and earning 100 % illegal money.  State government will keep loosing huge amount in tax and tourism industry is going to suffer big time.  And party lovers many times will have to be sad for having a party without alcohol.... ;)

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  1. This doesnt mean that other states Womens are not secure at all. it depends on a people who do drinks.

  2. http://blogs.reuters.com/india/2009/07/12/prohibition-policy-in-gujarat-a-tragic-farce/

  3. I completely agree with the anonymous comment. Instead of banning liquor the government should regulate it's sale and usage. The government should have very strict laws in place like no drunKen driving, no drinking in public, have very less bars, have very less wine shops. Another thing the government should do is have only beer and wine sold at bars and have high alcohol content items like whisky, vodka etc only sold in 4 star or 5 star hotels.

  4. However country liquor should be completely banned since it is poison. Remainder liquor items there should be no ban.