Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Today's Bathroom Thought

I don't know why but today while I was taking shower, this thought suddenly ran through my mind.  Since I've started to put up my Europe trip here, I've not managed to put more.  Consider it me being lazy or may be lack of time.  Whatever it may be.  So I guess it'll take many days or weeks to complete my entire Europe trip experience.  And I felt like I don't want to miss out on putting here all those thoughts and vibrations of my mind and of course the feelings running in my heart.

So why not keep putting here things simultaneously over here ?  And I got the answer in affirmative.  So now I'll break my Europe trip here and keep putting many things and simultaneously my Europe trip experience too...

By the way today me and my couch surfing (CS) friends Rahul and Amit went to the kite market and did lots of shopping.  Yeah shopping.  Well this is interesting.  In the month of November another CS friend Piyush (we call him Baapu) invited Rahul, Amit, Nishith, Palak and me for some drinks.  It was at this gathering that this idea of organizing a CS event for Uttarayan (Kite flying festival) was conceptualized.  One by one so many thoughts were put together and we finally were very determined to host it.  Lets see how our event goes....

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