Tuesday, 10 January 2012


Loneliness...This word is kind of scary.  Isn't it ?  Well may be not for few.  But for many people this word becomes really scary once they enter their late twenties.  Wonder how many people in my country or across the world fearing this state of life that is loneliness, keep living with a person with whom given an option they won't live with that person.  I might be wrong but I've seen lots of such people.  To come out of this comfort zone suddenly is very difficult.

Today morning Lanie asked me, are you feeling very lonely.  I said yes.  Offered me if she can be of any help and was feeling little bit sad that she was unable to help me out.  But there is no one who can help me out.  Its me and only me who can take me out of this mess around me.  Its very frustrating that you want to do whatever you can to solve the problems but some circumstances are such that they take time to change.  No matter how many kicks and punches you hit some things they change at their own pace.  If you try to force it'll will cause you only loss.  Some has rightly said.  Wait for the right time.  Yes for me too this wait seems to be a long one. Can't help.  But it surely makes you feel weak and frustrated.

But thanks to my friends and some special friends I keep floating and have phases of happiness that tends to make me forget the mess around me....

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  1. awww....same words goes to my life too though I have got army of friends. Lets grab beer sometime soon. Cheers!!!