Monday, 30 January 2012

Mother's home cooked food.

Yesterday evening Palak, Naren, Olga, Yanina and myself went to watch a movie. AGNEEPATH - yes that was the name of the movie.  Its a remake of the original AGNEEPATH released in 1990 starring the God of bollywood Amitabh Bachchan.  The movie actually has now become a classic one and hence the remake was definitely on my must see movie list.  To know more about the original movie read this link.

The movie has been shot very beautifully and the actors are chosen just perfectly to suit the original cast.  It started off well and kept me and I guess my friends too totally engrossed in it.  There was one particular scene where the mother of the leading character Vijay, asks her to come inside her home and have dinner and then go.  Vijay refuses saying he already had dinner.  But his mother confidently tells him that no, you haven't and thats why better come inside and eat.  Its been 15 years since he had eaten his mother's home cooked food. :(  For once I remembered myself in the same situation.  

Its been almost little bit more than 15 years that I haven't eaten my mother's home cooked food and for my entire life I will never have it. :(  I Still remember those school days when everyday before going to school she used to cook and serve me hot and fresh roti's and how I savored everyday just 3 things in my dish.  Roti, Dal and Rice.  Everyday for years I had just this 3 things and they were the most delicious and my favorite. :)   I still remember the day when I came back from my brief stay at Nasik Military School, the first thing I did was, asked her where is my lunch.  And in no time hot Roti, Dal and Rice were in front of me on the dining table.  I was just away for 15 days and the thing that I missed most was my mother's home cooked food.  

This scene in the movie where Vijay eats his mother's food as if he will never again be able to get it so very much reminded me of my mother's food.  Definitely for me no restaurant can give me the taste and the love that was there in my mother's food.  Its so touching how a mother derives immense happiness in cooking and serving for her kids.  I still remember while I used to have my lunch in the kitchen, my mother cooked hot roti's and kept asking me do you want one more, is everything tasting okay ?  And today I guess its one thing that I miss the most.  Though as a child I was kind of a perfect brat who used to make her angry with my pranks and mischief's.  But yes no matter what, the way a mother feeds I suppose no one else can take her place.  

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