Tuesday, 24 January 2012

A surprise gift from South Africa

Today in the afternoon I received one parcel that I was expecting.  Lanie had told me few weeks back that she had couriered one South African bracelet for me.  It was a very nice gesture.  When I saw the parcel it was quiet big enough for just one bracelet.  I opened it and there were 2 covers, 6 small bottles, 6 boxes of different sizes and 4 bars of chocolates.  I was zapped.  Wow so much stuff.  AMARULA (google, if you don't know it) as I can't mention about it here, since i'm writing from the land where alcohol is prohibited.  Different types of chocolates and cakes.  Most importantly a nice bracelet (which is now on my wrist) and one card.  I read the card twice and was just over whelmed on knowing how much she valued our friendship, and that too it was in a typical Lanie styled humor.  Who knew that few years back the person whom I met while playing farmville on Facebook will be such a good friend of mine.

Yes I met her few years back while playing farmville on Facebook.  Though I've stopped playing it now, but still I should say that I owe a lot to farmville.  I still remember the first time we were chatting, when I told her that I'm from India, she was kind of ignoring me saying that she is too strong for India and Indians.  That kind of made my adrenalin race with Carl Lewis.  And being so passionate about my country I kind of challenged her that atleast with me she can't say like that.  So that's how we started talking and telling more about each other.  We had our ups and downs and were almost done with each other, deleted each other from our friends list also, but I should definitely be thankful to Mr. Kyle Bennet that Lanie and me gave it another shot and now our ship is rock steady.  

I was the first Indian that she was talking to for such a long time and now she has an army of Indian friends.  She enjoys talking to them and might get rid of her lonely times also.  I'm really glad to have a friend like her in my life with whom I can just go back and talk just about anything.  Talk about my fears, loneliness, happiness, share my philosophy and also sometimes argue and quarrel too.  Thank you so much Lanie.  DIL SE SHUKRIYA....


  1. that is so nice of her and also of you, you wrote so beautiful. I'm impressed. :) you changed so much in a good sense of course.

  2. Awhh Nipun, I am so privileged to have u as a friend...and yes u are right about the Farmville thing (lolzz) u were the first Indian I became friends with. How can I ever forget that profile picture of you......the lonely boy in the water..;)something about it set my mind in motion that day and the rest..yeah well ..the rest is history. Sending u this parcel was not about the contents but more about the symbolic behind it..by showing u how much I value ur friendship. Although we are not in each others pockets the whole time, I know when im down, who to call and I can always depend on u helping me forgetting my problems..because before long we will be fighting and my problems quickly forgotten..fighting with u Nipun, I need all my skills and consentration and even in that im honored to have u as a friend..:* I love u for that, u know! (btw, I still need to win a fight :)
    PS..and hey another thing, if u end up with the AA..dont blame me or the Amarula, im innocent nah! ;)