Monday, 6 February 2012


Unpredictability - This word can make life confusing and sometimes can be creatively helpful.  When unpredictability creeps in one's life it becomes so difficult to do any thing.  You are kind of sandwiched between the present and the future.  All your future plannings become almost of no use till the dark clouds of unpredictability are cleared and the sunshine of clarity lightens your life.  

Everyone tells you to work your way out, be positive and remain hopeful.  But the question is till how long ?  Its not that in today's world our life is controlled by us only. There are few fortunate enough to have this privilege of living their life on their own terms.  I feel in today's life our surroundings and the people around us have a very important part in our lives.  What if at some point in life our future decisions and future life comes to depend on the place we live in or the people we live with or around us ? Its such a frustrating phase when life passes through unpredictability.  Its like getting stuck in a quick sand which is drowning you at extremely slow pace and you are shouting for help hoping that someone might come from somewhere and save you.  

Sometimes we try too hard or sometimes we just give in and let time take its own course.  Trying too hard might make things more messier as for everything there is a right time.  Pushing too much to come out might just push you in some more mess.  And at the same time doing nothing just extends the period of unpredictability.  So what to do ?  Take things in our own hands and push for changes or wait for the right time. Well its not that simple to answer this question I guess.  Every situation might have its own solution.  What I feel is that the best way to overcome this phase is to keep doing things at your own pace with open eyes and mind.  And most importantly never loose hope.  Things never remain the same.  Change is inevitable.  Doesn't matter if its of smaller scale but change has to happen.  We just need to be alert enough to notice this change and grab the opportunity to come out of this phase.  Doesn't matter where you land, either on the right side or the wrong side of the river.  Till you are not drowned there is always a chance to make it to the destination.  

Also many times unpredictability can become the essence of creativity.  It plays a very important part in the rich experimental world.  We as humans have always tried to remove the element of unpredictability in our lives.  This might have led to so many discoveries.  I say psychologically unpredictability can wear down and break down a weak person tremendously.  But at the same time practically unpredictability has helped human mind research and develop theories, laws and mechanisms to bring down the level of unpredictability in our day to day lives.  

But still there are people who love living with the adventure of totally unpredictable future.  Where, when, how and what they will do, no one knows and this people themselves even don't wanna know or even try to know.  For some it can be scary and weary.  I suppose that's how life goes and will always be like that.  No matter how much we try unpredictability is for sure to stay with us....:)

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