Thursday, 2 February 2012


My EyEs LiE,
My SmIlE DeCeIvEs, 

I FeEl ThAt NoW nOtHiNg Is LeFt,
JuSt PaLe AuTuMn LeAf.

BuT sTiLl ThIs HeArT dOeSn’T wAnT tO bElIeVe,
WaNtS tO bE wItH yOu AnD dOeSn’T wAnT tO lEaVe.

My EaRs DiD aCcEpT,
YoUr HaRsH wOrDs, ThAt CrEpT.

HoW sHaLl I pUt AcRoSs ThAt I dO cArE,
AnD lEt YoU kNoW tHaT yOu aRe A gEm, VeRy RaRe.

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