Thursday, 2 February 2012

Fifth destination : Bialystok

Tuesday 18th of October was my last day in Warsaw.  That night I had a train from Warsaw to Vienna.  As decided Dorota and me were going to Bialystok with Bartek.  He was going there on a work trip and we could take advantage of his trip and see a small and culturally rich city on the north - east of Poland.  We were going to meet Bartek's cousin Krzysztof who was going to show us the city.  He was living and studying in Bialystok.  It was very nice of him to spare a day to show us the city.      

That morning when we started from Warsaw the temperature had gone down till zero deg. and the mist on the windshield had frozen.  It was really really cold.  We had a quick breakfast at Mcdonald's on the outskirts of Bialystok and reached a big super market.  After roaming for some time we had to leave for the city center.  Bartek bought us a small bottle of Vodka with honey flavor to keep us warm. ;)  In few minutes we were at the Kosciuszko Market Square.  It was a really a looking beautiful.  The sun was shining and it got little bit warm and the market square was lined with shops and restaurant having colorful walls.  We met Krzysztof there and started our walk to see the city.
Kosciuszko Market Square
At first we were at the Farny Church. Krzysztof told us that Bialystok has been a mosaic of people of various cultures.  There has always been a mix of Poles, Belarusians, Lithuanians, Ukrainians, Russians and Jews. Because of this reason Ludwik Zamenhof born in Bialystok in 1859 later invented a universal language Esperanto.  To know more on him read on the below link.
Farny Church

Farny Church

Medical University
Next we went to see the Medical University of Bialystok.  The building where this university was created is historically a very very important building of Bialystok.  The university has really a beautiful campus and has been maintained very well. The street just behind the university is lined with trees on both sides and sun rays passing through the cover of leaves made it look very beautiful.  We sat on one of the benches and made ourselves warm sipping the honey vodka.  The city still has the charm of the old wooden buildings, many of them are still in good condition and people are living in them.  I also saw the oldest house of Bialystok.  We also saw the Memorial built for the soldiers who died in the World War II and the Remains of a Jewish Synagogue.  The Jewish Synagogue was burned down by the Nazis with some 2000 Jews inside.  :(

It was now time to return back to the city center where we were going to meet Bartek for lunch.  We had pizza's for lunch and beer.  It was than time for us to return back to Warsaw as I had to catch a train at 20:30 hours.  Krzysztof  gave me a nice key chain with the impression of Branicki Palace on it.  It was really a very very nice gesture from him. :)  I thanked him for giving his time to show us the city and we all said bye to him and headed to Warsaw.  On the outskirts of Warsaw we were welcomed by a long traffic and I got little bit tensed if I might missed my train or not.  But finally we were there right in time.  And after thanking Dorota and Bartek and inviting them to India I headed to the railway station to catch the train to Vienna......

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