Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Last 6 months of 2011

Its been almost 6 months that I created my first post here and then again became lazy....So much happened during this time....The best thing was my dream trip to Europe....Celebrated a quiet birthday in August, met some new people which I really like to, nice first few days of Navratri festival, some cool parties which don't much happen in a city like Ahmedabad, and after 2 months  or no 3 months finally got the Schengen Visa for 19 days.

When I came back from my awesome trip, the first thing I did after arranging for the laundry was went out to meet my grandparents from my mother's side.   While discussing with my grandpa all the experiences I had during my trip, he was quick to tell me 'Why don't you write' ?  I thought with a smile on my face, I guess I really should stop being lazy and start writing....So here I am resuming to write today after a new friend today morning asked me 'Did u start writing' ?  :)

So sitting here in my office and thinking where to start with ?....After all its been 33.25 years of my life already gone....Don't feel like going back in life and putting here what all i've lived through, but as my grandpa said, write all u'r experiences you had on your trip.  So i'll start with my dream trip in the next.... :)

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